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Fantastic boutique hotels set in perfect surroundings, looking out at turquoise seas and white sands with lush green hills in the backdrop. Bali has everything you'd want from a luxury holiday.
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Savor Some Balinese Food

Balinese food is an amazing highlight on a trip to Bali for most visitors. From traditional and authentic cuisine to the innumerable international options you have to choose from, Bali is indeed going to keep you mesmerized with its food culture. There are both rich and dazzling beachside restaurants and the budget friendly eats where you can relish the fresh herbs, spices, and other ingredients that make the food delicious and nutritious at the same time. While at Jimbaran Bay, try some authentic Balinese food at one of the manyWarungs and candle-lit tables. Here you can have some incredibly delicious prawns, squids and fishes fresh of the sea. 


Beaches at Bali are definitely a prime tourist destination because of the presence of the popular and immensely populated tourist terminals Kuta, Legian and Seminyak on the beach itself. With all the hustle-bustle and the crowd the beaches of Bali also provide a serene atmosphere to the loners. For the adventurers who aren’t content on relaxing on the white sandy beaches, the Bali Water Sport Center in TanjungBenoa (near Nusa Dua) is a fantastic place to visit. They offer a variety of activities including parasailing, snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing, banana boat rides and more. You will also find a number of beach hawkers offering massages, manicure and pedicures, food and drinks or whatever they might sell for a living. 

Get Friendly With the Elephants

Visit the World’s best Elephant Park located in Taro, popularly known as the Elephant Safari Park and Lodge. Away from the crazy crowd of Kuta this is one place where you can get up close and personal with these gigantic creatures and can also ride them along the forest. You can also hand feed the elephants, touch them, take photos with them and enjoy the educational elephant shows.There is also a fantastic museum at the park, a buffet restaurant overlooking the lake where you can relish some delicious Balinese food.

Climb the Mountains

The visitors can climb the famous Mount Batur, a volcanic mountain that rises over a lake that beautifully reflects it. You can team up with other hikers and get to the peak before six in the morning so to catch the beautiful panoramic view of the sunrise. This is not a physically demanding hike, unlike its cousin Mount Rinjani on nearby Lombok Island which takes several days, Mount Batur which stands at 1,700m can be done in just a morning. Visitors can also chose to trek through coffee, clove and cacao plantations that reveals a different view of rural Bali, this trek also includes a visit to one of the area’s picturesque waterfalls.  


The most amazing thing to do In Bali is to explore the city on a bicycle! You can always rent a bike do your own exploring to your heart’s content. Visitors can explore the side villages and rice paddy fields, absorbing the arts and culture of the hard working locals. Cycling to the monkey forest is also highly recommended where you can visit the crab-eating Macaques and then head on to Goa Gajah which is popularly known as the most holy place in Bali. 

Rafting, Diving and Snorkeling

If you are already done with the beaches and if all the climbing and hiking has not broken your bones already, Bali also offers its visitors a number of water sports like Diving, Rafting and Snorkeling at the sea and at the Ayung River and TelagaWaja River. Tourists can have a lot of fun exploring the underwater world of Bali with the help of expert guides who are available in the area. A visit to Bali is definitely incomplete without trying a hand in the various water sports options available in the city.

Bali is warm and comfortable throughout the year, though you can expect certain levels of humidity. The best time to visit Bali is during summer which last from April to October.
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Dress modestly before entering a temple in Bali. Remember to pack clothes to cover your shoulders, legs and arms in temples and Muslim areas.
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