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Why you should go?
Baden-Baden is a chic destination known for its spa facilities, casino culture and its Roman history. Nestled on the western foothills of the Black Forest in South Germany, it combines the best of relaxation & adventure.
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Kurhaus Casino

One of the best casinos in the city of Baden-Baden is the Kurhaus Casino, which was built by the father of EdouardBenazet, a Frenchman. It is said that he was to Baden-Baden what Bugsy Siegel was to Las Vegas. The credit for the evolution of this unpopular city into a fashionable resort goes to Benazet. He had the idea of getting the interiors of the casino styled just like the salons of Versailles and the Tuileries and he got it built by Parisian craftsmen. Rococo portraiture, Hsien-Feng porcelain and raspberry silk wall-covering imported from Lyon vie for attention with ceiling frescoes, gilded brass chandeliers and shimmering water fountains in the Second Empire style. After the opening of this grand casino, a visit from Emperor Eugenie of France and his approval confirmed Baden-Baden’s reputation and it was then that the visitors flooded in. The casino maintains a sense of decorum, and so never allowed slot machines and visitors are allowed only in formal and strict dress code. 


The literary meaning of the word Baden-Baden means Bathing-Bathing, it is a small popular spa town located on the thermal springs of black forests. The city has vowed to repair the health of visitors since the 3rd century AD. The most popular of all the bathing halls is the 120 year old Friedrichsbad. For those travellers who are seeking comfort and relaxation of body, the options are wide. One can undertake a course of various types of royal massages just as the Romano-Irish bathing, Shiatsu, Reviderm cell regeneration, Caviar Power anti-ageing treatment or go for the PneumatronSaug-Pumpen-Massage.

The Black Forest

A visit to Baden-Baden can never be considered complete without one visit to the black forest.Visitors will find lush greenery, aroma of the woods and ferns and at some sites they might spot some cuckoo clocks too. Take an amazing walk through the lovely forest taking paths that will lead the tourists to scenic and quiet areas, small food stalls and even to the cuckoo clocks. It is worth every minute the traveler spends in this wonderful mysterious forest.

Visit the Town Center

The small but beautiful town center is such that you can easily walk to most of the attractions and interesting places here. There are so many things to see and do that you will hardly find any spare time here. One such interesting and very popular destination in the town square is the casino Speilbank, where you will find tourists and locals hovering around day in and day out. You cannot afford to miss visiting the concert hall, the drinking hall and the art museum. The FriederBurda museum possesses an awesome collection of many German expressionists that are a great attraction to tourists.

Take a Walk along River Oos

The city is a phenomenal mix of urban sophistication and rural charm that never fails to inspire and motivate its visitors to come over again to enjoy the best that the city has to offer. The city owns a panoramic view of the city skyline and verdant green hills, making for a perfect backdrop for any tourist looking forward to a walking tour around the cityespecially along the famous river Oos. Probably the city is not as popular as other German cities for its jaw-dropping beautiful structures or Baroque churches, but the city definitely is ahead all other cities when it comes to relaxation and comfort.

Black Forest Open Air Museum

If you are done with your fill of the spas and massage centers of Baden-Baden, you would be happy to know that the city also provides a number of museum options for the visitors’ cultural quest and thirst for history and on the top of the list is the unique Black forest open air museum. This museum owns 20 authentic buildings that you can wander through and get a sense of what it was like to live in that time period. Visitors from all ages enjoy the authentic artifacts and wandering through the buildings. The Black Forest Open Air Museum is definitely a must see on your holiday to Baden-Baden.

The best time to visit Baden Baden is from June through to August when temperatures hover around early 20C.
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Do sample the extraordinary cakes, particularly the king of gateaux, the Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte also known as the Black Forest cake.
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