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Why you should go?
In less than a 2 hour flight from Sydney you can enjoy one of the world's great vacation destinations. World Heritage listed for its outstanding natural beauty and any one time, you'll be one of the only 400 visitors.
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Lord Howe Island gives you an amazing opportunity for snorkeling. Paddle at the edge, or snorkel above colorful corals just meters from the shore, the calm water of lagoons are best for the kids. If that’s not enough you may swim in the open ocean at Neds Beach or body surf at Blinky Beach too. Your holiday in the Lord Howe Island becomes unforgettable with these great options and experiences that the destination offers you whether with family or as a couple.

Scuba Diving

The coral reefs here are the most southerly and one of the most spectacular in the world. The island is located at the cross-roads of five major ocean currents, including the warm East Australian Current which runs down the Great Barrier Reef and down into the Tasman Sea. There are over 90 species of coral and 500 species of fish inhabiting the reef also the water here is one of the clearest in the world with the visibility of around 30 meters.

The island’s most spectacular dive is Balls Pyramid – the world’s tallest sea stack, located 26km south of the island. Divers can expect to see massive schools of Violet Sweep, Amberjack, Kingfish, Silver Drummer, Rainbow Runners, Trevally and occasionally Marlin, Dolphins and Wahoo. It’s also possible to see Ballina Angelfish – a deep water Angel that is generally only found in water in excess of 100 metres, and Balls Pyramid is believed to be the only destination where you can see them on recreational scuba in 25 meters.  Lord Howe’s underwater topography of trenches, caves and volcanic drop offs adds to the awe-inspiring diving experience in the world. 


From bike riding to a relaxing game of golf or lawn bowls, Lord Howe Island offers a wide range of outdoor activities for a variety of interests and fitness levels. It’s an ideal destination for families or, equally, for a romantic getaway.You can also take the ridge walk to Kim’s lookout which is one of the most popular walks that starts on Neds Beach Road that serves as a picturesque view along the spine of the island. At Malabar Hill the cliffs plunge dramatically into the ocean below and the crannies in the cliff shelter one of the world’s largest colonies of red-tailed tropic-birds.

Go Fishing

With a dozen of hot spots for hooking into monster pelagics such as Lord Howe Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna and Wahoo, as well as over 10 dedicated charter fishing boats operating from Lord Howe, with half, full-day and private charter tours available makes Lord Howe Island a haven for all the fishing lovers. Neds was also voted as Australia’s cleanest beach in the year 2014 which also makes it a very desirable area for both fishing and for feeding the fish. You can reach the beach any time of the day and be a part of the traditional feeding of the mullet, wrasse, garfish, silver-drummer etc. this tradition has been one reason for the immense popularity of the island among the visitors.

Make an Expedition to the Balls Pyramid

Some twenty three kilometers to the south of Lord Howe Island, you will find the wonderful 550 meter spearhead of grey basalt that supposedly explodes from the ocean. This is said to be one of the largest sea stacks in the world that shelters a phenomenal birdlife and the waters surrounding Balls Pyramid are teeming with marine life. A cruise to Balls Pyramid is astonishing. For experienced divers, Balls is an unparalleled adventure

Lord Howe Island's climate is mild, year round. Sea breezes prevent the summers from being too hot, while surrounding warm seas ensure pleasant winters.
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The weight limit on Lord Howe flights is 14kg per person of checked baggage and 4kg of carry-on baggage. Excess baggage, such as golf clubs and surfboards, are carried on a subject-to-load basis.
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