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Why you should go?
Witness the the world's most spectacular natural migration and vast sea of grass swarming with wildlife. Enjoy the soul stirring feeling of space at Serengeti, the classic Africa of our imagination.
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Stop at the Serengeti Visitor Center

The Serengeti Visitor Centre is worth a stop for its self-guided walking path that provides informative signs and exhibits about the history of the Serengeti, its ecosystem, and its wildlife. You are likely to even spot some wildlife along the path, including rock hyraxes, birds, and brightly colored agama lizards. It is a great place to stretch your feet and let children gain a little energy. This is also an excellent place to stop for a lunch break as the center has an outdoor picnic area, restrooms, a snack and coffee shop, and a gift shop. 

Visit a Maasai Village

Serengeti has always been home to the Maasai, who are semi-nomadic people who live in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley. They are a famous bunch of local tribe in East Africa due to the reason that they have been living pretty close to the popular games parks, also because of their continued engagement in their traditional ways of life and their vibrant and distinctive traditional clothing. Many of these Maasai villages cheerfully welcome visitors and hence giving a sneak peek into their lives. You can witness a brief dancing ceremony, visit to a traditional boma made of sticks, mud, and cow manure and also visit the small village school. You also get the opportunity to shop for some handicrafts produced by the members of the village.

Experience a Night Game Drive

A unique opportunity to witness the activities of the nocturnal animals like Civets, bush babies, nightjars and aardvarks, etc., a night game drive is definitely a must for every Serengeti visitor. Seeing new animals is definitely a highlight of these evening game drives, but these drives also give you the unique chance to see your surroundings from a very different perspective. Not only will you be able to spot some amazing animals, also there is something really thrilling about being able to drive around at night and hear all the night sounds of the wildlife.

Visit the Moru Kopjes

Kopjes are interesting weathered gigantic rock formations that rise out of the central Serengeti plains like little mountain Islands in a sea of grass. Trees, vines, and bushes sprout out of many of the formations and you can see them scattered around the Serengeti Visitors Center. These rock formations provide shade, small water pools, and a great vantage point for many animals, including lions, leopards, and cheetahs. The Moru Kopjes are the most frequently visited kopjes and some kopjes contain African rock paintings done by Maasai cattle herders and at least one of the rocks, nicknamed the “Gong Rock”, is believed to be an ancient musical instrument.

Get an Aerial View of the Serengeti

How can you make your already interesting and amazing stay at the Serengeti national park more interesting? Probably an aerial view of the area would do the trick! The ultimate way to see this magnificent park is to spend an hour floating in a hot air balloon over the plains at dawn. Witness the sunrise over the “endless plains” and then come down to treetop level to view the animals before they seek cover to escape the heat of the day. 

Walk off the Wildlife.

Walking safaris are a great chance to get up close to the plants, trees, and smaller animals and learn a lot more about them. Similar to night drives; walking safaris are possible on the borders of the Serengeti National Park in designated areas. Several camps and lodges in the north allow for daytime nature and game walks, such as Klein’s Camp and Buffalo Luxury Camp. You get to learn a lot about local plants, dung beetles, and the animals like giraffe, zebra gazelle, wildebeest and baboons. You might also get to see a demonstration of how the Maasai traditionally make fires. It is highly recommend to take the time to fit in a walk as they are family-friendly and very educational with a good guide. It’s much easier to appreciate the local plants, insects, smaller animals, and birds up-close on foot compared to from a distance in the safari vehicle.

If you want to see the wildebeest migration then the best time to visit is between October & July. However Serengeti's temperate climate plus abundant resident wildlife makes for a great viewing experience all year round
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Wear neutral coloured clothes as they do not attract insects and blends in with nature also bring a jacket for early morning drives and chilly nights.
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