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Why you should go?
Experience the thrill of dog-sledding and snowmobiling, the serenity of the wilderness on snowshoes, and witness the Northern Lights in the Finnish Lapland.
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Be amazed by the Northern Lights

These spectacular displays of green-blue shimmering arcs and waves of light are caused by solar wind, or streams of particles charged by the sun, hitting the atmosphere. The colours are the characteristic hues of different elements when they hit the plasma shield that protects the Earth: blue is nitrogen and yellow-green oxygen.

Ride with the Huskies

Harness up your huskies and whizz across the snow on a traditional Arctic dog sled, enjoying and admiring the wintry countryside. A team of six dogs, can get you up to a speed of 20 kph.

Meet Rudolf's friends

There are 120,000 reindeer in Finand. Go on a reindeer safari, from a reindeer farm at Venejarvi, close to the Swedish-Finnish border. The Sámi farmers will take you for a ride then serve up hot berry juice in their homestead.


During the icy Nordic winters, cross-country skiing is often the only way to get around. There are marked tracks all over the country, including in many national parks. Fans of downhill skiing and snowboarding should head to the hills of Lapland.

Try the Latest Craze

Ice floating in the icy waters of Lake Yllasjarvi in the Arctic Circle. You put on a big, waterproof survival suit and, looking a bit like the ‘Michelin Man’, step into an icy river to try ‘ice floating’. Believe it or not, as you bob on the surface staring at the stars, it’s quite relaxing. 

Try a Traditional Finnish Sauna

Sweating your troubles away in a steamy sauna is one of the quintessential Finnish experiences. Most hotels and holiday cottages have saunas, but there is a special magic to the timeworn Kotiharjun public sauna in Helsinki's Kallio district, and the Jätkänkämppä smoke sauna just outside Kuopio.


Feel like James Bond as you jump on board a snowmobile for a ride across a frozen lake as the sun sparkles on the snowflakes. 

The most favoured time is the spring with long sunny days that bring out the best of the immense natural beauty along the routes.
Please ask and receive permission before taking photos of people, including children.
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