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Why you should go?
Mysterious Cappadocia, a land of extraordinary rock formations, intriguing fairy chimneys and unique cave dwellings, this really is Turkey's most visually striking region.
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Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon trip is highly recommended. Every morning at sunrise, up to twenty balloons rise into the skies to drift over Goreme and the Cappadocia valleys. 

Visit the Goreme Open Air Museum

By the 2nd century, a large Christian community had formed in Cappadocia. By the 4th century, Saint Basel had founded various religious settlements in the area. The Göreme Open Air Museum is a testament to St. Basil’s influence – it is a place where daily worship was carried out in seclusion. There are various 10th, 11th, and 12th century rock churches with magnificent frescos, with the most impressive one being Tokali Church, located about 50 meters outside the entrance to the park.

Have a Clay Pot Meal

Turkey is a gastronomic epicenter, and Cappadocia is no exception. One of the most traditional meals here is a clay pot dish. The concept is a simple one: fill a ceramic pot with meat, vegetables and spices, seal it, and bake it until its cooked through and all the flavors are combined. The finished product is a tender stew of delicious flavours.

See the Three Beauties of Urgup

Like Goreme, Urgup has been an important place in Cappadocia. Here archaeologists have unearthed Roman tombs, Byzantine tombs, and Byzantine-Era rock monasteries. When Ürgüp became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1515, many buildings were erected including mosques, churches and libraries. In addition to a fascinating history, Ürgüp has three of the most remarkable fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, known as the “three beauties of Ürgüp.”

Hike through the Valleys

Cappadocia’s valleys have always been home to cave villages and rock monasteries. Each valley has distinct scenery and unique rock formations, which makes them ideal for walking, hiking, and horseback riding. The monks who lived and worshipped in these valleys left behind beautiful churches with vibrant frescos with scenes from the Bible.

Stay at a Cave Hotel

To sleep much in the same way people have been doing here for thousands of years is truly a unique experience. Many of the cave hotels are converted family homes and are still owned and operated by the families who lived in them.

Shop for Rugs

Turkey is famous for its hand woven rugs – a tradition that began as early at 400 B.C., but flourished during the Ottoman Empire. Turkey’s rugs, also known as Kilim, come in all colors, designs, and sizes. It can take days, weeks, months, or even years to finish a good-quality rug. Shopping for rugs in Istanbul can be a headache if you don’t speak the language, which is why many tourists instead prefer to shop for them in Cappadocia where there are less crowds and quieter showrooms.

Visit an underground city

Cappadocia is known for its many subterranean settlements, or “underground cities.” Carved out of soft tufa rock, these cities were meant to provide temporary refuge for the people of Cappadocia. The underground cities are several layers deep, with the sleeping quarters located in the lower levels and the kitchens/ wineries at the upper level. Long passages, narrow steps, and a labyrinth-like tunnel system connected the rooms. For centuries, people sought shelter beneath ground level using secret tunnels from their homes into the underground cities. 

Visit a pottery workshop in Avanos

The town of Avanos has been a center for pottery and craft making since the Hittite period, which makes it a fantastic place to purchase handmade ceramics. The Kizilirmak River, or Red River runs through the old part of town. It is from this river that the reddish-brown clay is harvested, then used in workshops throughout Avanos. Visitors can watch a pottery demonstration and purchase authentic traditional pieces. Vases, jugs, ashtrays, figurines, and plates are just a few items available.

Cappadocia has blazing hot summers and icy cold winters. Time your visit for spring to see the abundant wild flowers, or autumn for the spectacular colour of the trees in the valleys.
An unforgettable sunrise balloon flight over the stunning landscape should be top of everyone's Cappadocia wishlist.
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