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Why you should go?
Enjoy the magical winter landscapes and view the greatest light show on earth, the Northern Lights as well as outdoor activities like dog-sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and reindeer sleigh rides.
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The Northern Lights

The Aurora Sky Station in the Abisko National Park is purpose-built for viewing the greatest light show on earth – the Northern Lights. It's practically permanent cloud-free skies make it an ideal place to see them. Visit Abisko Mountain Station, take a chairlift to Aurora Sky Station, have a gourmet dinner, sit back, look up and watch one of the greatest shows on earth. Turn out the light and look out into space. To see the Aurora Borealis (northern lights) is to see the meeting between space and Earth. Abisko is placed in the middle of the auroral zone and is considered to be the best place on earth to see the Aurora Borealis. With its fresh, clean air and its practically permanent cloud-free sky the prerequisites in Abisko are optimal. 

Go Hiking

Mountaineers and hikers appreciate the major Swedish Lapland mountain resorts such as Abisko, Björkliden and Riksgränsen. The massif around Kebnekaise, Sweden´s highest mountain is a cherished centre for hikers and adventurers.  You can hike in a westerly direction through the most beautiful places along the King's Trail. From Tjaktjavaggi up through Neasketvaggi towards Huvkijauri and towards the Norwegian border before turning down through the Teusadalen valley back to Teusajaure. This is an extraordinary nature adventure with good opportunities for great fishing if you so wish. 

Taste the Lapland

Swedish Lapland will offer you a heartily rustic cuisine prepared with ingredients fresh from the surrounding forests and rivers. Reindeer and elk are obvious choices as are game birds such as grouse and capervaillie. Fresh fish including salmon, grayling, brown trout, Arctic char and whitefish are also a highlight.  Don´t forget to experience the region´s exclusive caviar – Kalix Löjrom, a premium, origin-protected Bleak Roe product with the same star status as Champagne and Parma Ham. And you will never go thirsty here, the water here is so clear and pure that you can drink it straight from the mountain streams!

Bothnia Midnight Sun kayaking

Paddle under the Midnight Sun in northern Bothnia Bay. It gives you the opportunity to a unique subarctic kayaking event in the Archipelago of Northern Bothnia Bay, among the Islands of Swedish Lapland, also known as the Bright Coast. Here you get to paddle through the magic nights of the north, enjoying the midnight sun and the quietness of the northern wilderness. You camp in tents and cook our own food, enjoy the northern nature and other fellow kayakers in a social non-competitive kayak event for people enjoying nature and the quality of life.

Explore the World Heritage Mountains

Go backcountry in Lapland on a unique and sustainable ski adventure in the UNESCO World Heritage site Laponia, past Sweden's point of inaccessibility! Backcountry Lapland takes you deep into the beautiful wilderness of the Swedish mountains in Badjelánnda/Padjelanta National Park. In this park we will pass the point that is 50 km from the nearest road in any direction, ski past impressive peaks, sleep in mountain cabins and tents and experience the life on ice.

Play Golf under the Midnight Sun

Visit one of the world's northernmost and most spectacular golf courses, 250 kilometers above the Arctic Circle. The magazine Swedish Golf appointed Björklidens golf course to Sweden's second most beautiful course. One of the most prestigious golf magazines in the world, Golf World, said that Björkliden is on the top 100 list of the worlds most beautiful and spectacular golf experiences. The course opens in early July (depending on when the snow has melted) and is open well into September. For much of the season, you can play around the clock under the midnight sun.

Do it All

There’s a lot to do here year round. Hiking, downhill and cross country skiing, fishing, canoeing and river rafting, climbing, snowmobiling, cycling, dog sledding, reindeer rides, and icebreaker tours. You get to meet the Sami people – the native Scandinavians, with their unique culture, handicrafts and traditions. You can even have dinner on ice in the Gulf of Bothnia off the city of Luleå which is a must see.

December to March is an ideal time for a holiday in Lapland, when both snow conditions and northern lights displays are at their peak.
While there do try traditional slow food such as souvas made from reindeer meat and locally caught arctic char.
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