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Indulge yourself in gorgeous Cannes on the French Riviera and live the jet-set lifestyle of the rich and famous, where pretty people party and where the glamorous movie crowd gather at the annual Cannes Film Festival.
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Sight seeing

PLAZA VIEJA - a totally happening square where every individual is trying to sell a commodity or a service. There is a struggle seen in their hard work but yet it does not reflect on the countenance. Assorted art forms at their creative best - trying to attract the tourists to chip in some pennies. 

PLAZA DE LA CATEDRAL - 1st of the 4 plazas. Church building shows how grand & impressive it must have been at one time. Massive doors with their intricate interior works will take your breadth away. Religious arti facts, wood work and ornate ceilings are awe-inspiring.

EL MORRO - light house. View from here of the Havana city is magnificent. Some gorgeous sun-sets. At 9 p.m every night they fire canons into the sea. A spectacle worth watching. After visiting Havana - you realise how soaked you are in the commodity ridden capitalistic/ materialistic world.

PLAZA MAYOR - is like a theatre and has a decent size platform where different kinds of professionals put up their skilled shows. A fine place to spend an evening with a true taste of Cuban culture.

PALENQUE -is the best place to visit if you have interest in Cuban music and some very original Folk dances. Their traditional dances are globally alive even today.

VALLE DE LOS INGENIOS - This 50 metres tall tower lies outside Trinidad. As per the legend - a jealous husband built this to lock-up his infidele wife & therefore it is a landscape symbol of ancient slavery history. Do catch hold of a guide to know more about UNESCO sites and sugar productions and so on. 

The malecon is a long walk by the ocean. BUENA VISTA - HAVANA !

Christopher Columbus landed in this amazing region and was possessed forever by its landscapes. Santiago - is the cradle of the Caribbean culture and World Heritage site.


Walking up to Le Suquet

One of the nicest places to visit in Cannes where you can see the locals in shops, stores, and sitting at outdoor cafes is in the old town on the hill, Le Suquet. Taking the winding streets up the hill requires a little effort but definitely worth the effort. Once up on rue du Suquet, stop at one of the outdoor cafes and sip a coffee or a glass of wine while enjoying views over the old port. Also while up there you could visit the 12th century Tour de Mt Chevalier and the church of Notre Dame de l'Espérence.

Stroll down Cannes' Boulevard de la Croisette
In Cannes, the center of tourist activity is the Boulevard de la Croisette which extends eastward from the new Palais des Festivals along the Rade de Cannes. From here enjoy magnificent view of the gulf and the offshore Lerin Islands. The boulevard is dominated by luxury hotels - some from the Belle Epoque period and also high class shops. In the yacht harbor lies the pirate ship Neptune, built as the backdrop for a very appreciated adventure film.
Shop till you drop on Cannes' Rue d'Antibes

The great and good of Paris fashion houses are all represented in chic boutiques around La Croisette and rue d'Antibes. Famous ready-to-wear clothing stores, jewellers, tanning shops, perfumeries, beauty salons, interior decoration stores and art galleries are placed between Rue d'Antibes and La Croisette, nothing is lacking in the realm of the luxury to compete with Paris, Milan, London, New York and Dubai. The most famous French and international brands are represented in Cannes: Cartier, Rolex, Chopard, Dunhill, Bulgari, Boucheron, Fred, Chanel, Dior, Lacroix, Hermès, Vuitton, Lancel, Céline, MaxMara, Escada, Lolita Lempicka, Jean-Paul Gaultier to name a few.

Visit The Villa Rothschild

The Villa Rothschild is now the main Cannes library - Mediatheque Noailles - and is open to the public. It was built in 1881 in the neoclassical style and during WWII was occupied by the German Kammandantur.The villa is well worth a visit to see the splendour of the building, the finely carved oak wood panelling and plasterwork, as well as its trompe l'oeil paintings. The park surrounding the villa was used as a large vegetable plot after the Germans were defeated until it became the library in 1947 and was in a sorry state.  A huge effort has been underway since 1990 to restore it.  It still contains some wonderful trees and especially a large variety of palms - all named.

Bellini Chapel

Built in 1880 it originally belonged to Princess Kara-Georgevich of Serbia, but later became the studio of painter Emmanuel Bellini. His daughter Lucette, also a painter, continues to show visitors around the chapel, which contains several canvasses by Bellini and Lucette.

Visit the Forville Market

This casual old covered market is one of the most renowned markets on the French Riviera. The feel here is very neighbourly, a place where the local communities meet and do their every day shopping. It’s also a popular haunt for some of Cannes most well known chefs and restaurateurs. The merchants are mostly eager-to-please and tourists are warmly welcomed here. The best fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish, bread, olives, herbs, and flowers are on display and sale here. If you want a real feel of the town, this is the place to get it.

Visit The Villa Domergue

Villa Domergue is one of Cannes' hidden treasures. The house and grounds were designed by the artist Jean-Gabriel Domergue. His wife, Odette, was a well known sculptress in her own right and examples of her work are to be found in the garden.  In the twenties Jean-Gabriel concentrated on portraits, mainly of women, and is claimed to be the inventor of the pin-up.  He threw amazing parties, hosted the first film festival and designed posters for the early years of the film festival.  Every May the villa, which they bequeathed to the City of Cannes, entertains the festival jury.

Take a Boat Trip to the Monastic Island of Saint Honorat

St Honorat is the second largest of the Lérins Islands, about a mile off shore from Cannes. There is no traffic on this island at all. A popular attraction of the island is strolling in a peaceful setting or using the small beaches and pretty little coves for sun bathing or snorkeling. Visit the abbey of the Lérins and take a look inside this old religious building. You will find some amazing photography sites because of the lights and shadows inside this mysterious building.

Scuba Diving in Cannes

The underwater world is magical and in the Cannes area there is an abundance of wildlife, especially around the protected Iles de Lerins and the wrecks (for experienced divers only). Most divers can look forward to seeing sponges, red coral, sea slugs and sea hares, octopus, cuttlefish, lobsters, common torpedo rays and stingrays plus a host of fish we normally see on our plates. In the summer there is also a possibility of spotting dolphins.

Hike along the Red Cliffs of Massif de l'Esterel

The most stunning natural feature of the entire Côte d’Azur is the Massif de l’Esterel, a coastal mountain range of red-ochre rock which forms the backdrop to some of the classic images of the South of France. The Massif de l’Esterel is located between Saint Raphaël and La Napoule, which is inland from Cannes. The Massif de l’Esterel has lots of good walking trails. Many of the more popular walks are signposted, such as those up to the Pic de l’Ours (496 metres) and the Pic du Cap Roux (452 metres). For some of the longer walks however, you’ll need to come equipped with a good map.

Cannes being a typical Riviera town experiences Mediterranean climate. June to August are warm and dry & December to February are mild with sudden spells of rain. Autumn also boasts of gentle & pleasant temperatures.
Spend the day exploring the old town of Le Suquet, with its breathtaking views, or hire a car and drive to nearby Nice or Monaco.
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