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Beautiful and enticing offering unparalleled relaxation- this paradise of swaying coconut fronds, dramatic sunsets, sweeping white bays, flowers and lush plantations is sure to make you want more.
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Shark Bank

Mahé Island offers some of the best deep-water diving anywhere. Not only will you swim with massive and gorgeous tropical fish, but you’ll also spot white tip reef sharks, gray stingrays and many more marine creatures.

Victoria's Secret

The authentic and vibrant Victoria Market is open every day of the week. This is where the populace converges to do most of their daily shopping of fresh fruits, vegetables, spices and fish. Grab your shopping bag and head down to the market, sample local fruits and vegetables along the way and if you are lucky enough you might catch a glimpse of the Fishermans best friend, the Cattle Egret, waiting for his share of the days catch.

Colonial Escapade

Superb colonial homes reminiscent of days gone by still evoke the passion of many history lovers far and wide, Visible throughout Mahe, their doors are open to many a wanderer who want to explore how people lived in the good old days. One example is Kenwyn House, found in the bustling heart of Victoria. Newly restored to its original glory, it houses an exquisite jewellery shop and gallery. 

Scuba Explorer

The waters of Seychelles are plagued with an abundant species of Coral and Marine Life. Many Marine Parks, such as the Sainte Anne Marine Park, offer tourists the rare opportunity to swim with some of the most beautiful and colourful species of fish in the world. For an extra treat, take some bread with you when you go swim, you will literally have them eating in the palm of your hands!

Pristine Mountains

About 70% of Mahe Island is Primary forest. Since developments prefer flat land, the mountains have been left to flourish in their virgin state, they are truly untouched by man. The Morne Seychellois National Park, a mountain-mist forest, is the tallest mountain on Mahe and is the perfect place for you to break a sweat and fill your lungs with some of the most fresh and cleanest air in the world. From fitness fanatic to lazy wanderer, a hike up the national park will reward you with a sense of accomplishment when you reach the top. 

For the Artistically Inclined

Flaring from the rich colonial History of Seychelles, many talented artists have chosen to make Mahe their Home. Abundant in cultural beauty with the untouched environment as their canvas, artists such as Micheal Adams, Tom Bowers and Egbert Marday, to name a few, open their doors to those who are keen to come in and visit. Scattered all over Mahe, your expedition to go to their homes will truly lead you to never before seen places which will make your imagination wonder. Who know!! You might even find the perfect souvenir.

Experience Fine Creole Dining

Excite your senses with delectable dishes which include classic dish such as Creole style fresh fish, curries, mango and papaya salads, lentils, and eggplant fritters followed by some lip licking dessert. Visit Chez Batistas, Takamaka and Marie Antoinette Restaurant, Victoria, for a savoury and spicy taste of the tropics that are sure to tickle your taste buds. 

Beach Expedition

Scattered all around Mahe are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From Beauvallon Beach, in the North of Mahe, with its picturesque view of the setting sun over Silhouette Island, to Anse Royale Beach, in the south, highly popular for it’s crystal clear, azure waters. Why not take a day a trek around the island in search of your picture perfect Beach. 

Tempratures rarely go out of the 24 to 34 degree range. So except the rainy season that falls in the month of Jan and Feb any time is good to visit this paradise.
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Wake up early in the morning and watch the fishermen bring their catch back and all the locals helping to bring the net ashore.
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