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To witness the world as a story teller about bitter history and fascinating present despite being deprived from everything.
One of few countries where even electronic devices wish to malfunction for some times to allow their handlers/Owners soak themselves in past memory lane and visualize themselves as a part of these countries and witnessing themselves as a narrator to world about history shaped up in different dimensions. Whether it were world largest temple complex construction Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, in Siem Reap, or changing wide spread religion from Hindu to Buddhist, then revolution for freedom from French invader and finally being slaughtered and executed barbarically by their own Military (Khmer Rouge) irrespective of age, gender and innocent which clearly depicts at Killing Field in Capital City Phnom Penh where thousands of human heads and bones are preserved and still intact there as if it happened yesterday. Many of times images might not justify sweet and bitterness of past and its beauty rather be there and feel it by our own. In spite of all bitter experience and being driven away far from growth and development we could see warm welcoming culture, open tradition and drastically changing thinking and life style which shows that they are ready to compete the world.
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