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Beautiful beaches and plates of mouth-watering tapas, flamenco dancers in polka dots, Gaudi's eccentric mosaics, matadors in their traditional red cape-it is totally understandable why visitors keep coming back for more.

Home to an unbelievable 43 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can head straight to gorgeous Barcelona to admire the architectural feats of Gehry and Gaudi, or to the capital Madrid to check out the cultural treasures of the Prado Gallery; as for the beaches the most popular areas - Ibiza, the Costa Blanca, Alicante, the Costa Brava and the Costa del Sol - are deservedly world-famous. 

'Going for tapas' in Spain is not merely an opportunity to have a drink and enjoy a delicious selection of finger-food, but an important part of the everyday rhythms of Spanish life. Spain’s long Islamic history is where the real story begins ,the fusion of Middle Eastern and European aesthetics is unique in Europe. An idyllic climate, friendly locals, a famously vibrant nightlife, and world-class shopping opportunities only add to the incredible attraction that is Spain. “There is no 'bad time' to visit Spain”


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