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Some might say we have the best job in the world. And we’d have to agree.

We’re living our dream, to travel the world, and we do it for a living.

From our passion for travel, was born the inspiration to create Trips of a Lifetime for you, each one unique, tailored to what your heart desires. Life’s much too short for pre-packaged plans. With our rich repertoire of travel experiences and the help of our team of experts across the globe, we pride ourselves on knowing places intimately.

So that we at Duurbeen can scan the horizons for you and help you make an epic escape.

It doesn’t stop there. Since we’ve actually been to every destination we recommend, we’re able to help you with all the little things that truly make for a fabulous holiday. And to take care of niggles, so they don’t come in the way.

Creating incredible travel experiences that stay with you indelibly, long after the holiday’s over.

To book your made-to order vacation, pick up the phone and call our dedicated lines.

Or drop us an email at rajan@duurbeen.com


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"Duurbeen offers a quality of service beyond the promised authentic experiences from fancy travel operators"